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In keeping with an earlier theme of alternative fuels and strategies to reduce dependencies on internal combustion engines.. It appears that a French company has released a compressed air B-Series auto. The MDI Air Car. Obviously, the vehicle will have serious viability challenges. Much like the CNG. Obviously, a single energy compressed air engine can only be useful on finite routes, which are strategically placed near replenishing stations.

It seems that MDI thought ahead and have also developed Dual energy compressed air plus fuel engines. Taken from the MDI website...

The duel energy engine, on the other hand, has been conceived as much for the city as the open road and will be available in all MDI vehicles. The engines will work exclusively with compressed air while it is running under 50 km/h in urban areas. But when the car is used outside urban areas at speeds over 50 km/h, the engines will switch to fuel mode. The engine will be able to use gasoline, gas oil, bio diesel, gas, liquidized gas, ecological fuel, alcohol, etc.

Do not expect to use the vehicle for high torque applications, as this is not the purpose. Simple metro transport, fairly short distances. Interesting concept.

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