Swagger of a champion

After watching segments from the ESPN baseball drama, "The Bronx is Burning", which is a collection of various NYC happenings in 1977. All of which I can say, much like KRS1, "I was there." Yes, I do remember all of the events described in the show. Son of Sam, the huge blackout, and the Bronx Zoo. No not the actual caged animals, but the weird story that was the 77' NY Yankees. However, as some have noted, the Son of Sam murders took place in Queens not the Bronx. How do those murders add anything to a sports drama? I suppose it makes for good TV, and ESPN is struggling for that right now. Anyway I digress.

The interesting backdrop of this story is the treatment of Reggie Jackson. Whether you liked him or not, he certainly was a charismatic figure. Oddly, it seems that he was not consulted prior to the release of the series. He had no qualms in telling people that he was good and then he went out and showed everyone what "good" really meant. People seem to dislike a gregarious champion. Since when have champions been meek or soft? I do not believe that there are many champions that do not have a bit of swagger. Hell even Nadia Comaneci would probably rip your head off while in the heat of battle.

Some of the conversation that Reggie had with members of the press would probably be suitable for Alex Rodriguez. I wonder if those two did much talking at all. It seems that Reggie would do well by coaching Alex. Rodriguez and Jackson were both highly paid athletes playing under the microscope of NY press and fervent fans.
Unfortunately, nothing short of championship will vindicate Alex, such is life in Gotham.

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