Outstanding questions for James McGovern

I am totally immersed in a very thought provoking text, entitled the "The World is Flat", written by Thomas L. Friedman. Why have I been captivated with the burgeoning global economy and the perceived aftermath? I suppose that as a technical person, who has a background in classical engineering, I take great interest in matters which directly involve the technical community. In particular, if Friedman's claims are accurate, these global changes or 'levelers' will have a great affect on the middle class. Yes, I consider myself part of the new middle.

Regarding Mr. McGovern, he had recently presented me with a round of questioning, I thought it only appropriate that I continue the dialogue with a question of my own.
How are you preparing yourself for the "new middle" ? In fact, it does seem that McGovern is uniquely qualified to address such a question, considering that his industry is especially challenged with the flattening as described by Friedman. This site Backsourcing and these: article I and article II were excellent sources.

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