MT 4.0 beta review


Below is a review I shared with the MT developers, as part of the MT4.0 demo.
If you're a MT geek, now is your opportunity to push for a few features.
According to Anil, they are really listening this time. Maybe I can convince my "geek" bloggers to come back to the MT platform. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the source code is open now.
I don't believe it is GPL'd tho.

Thus far, MT 4.0 really looks impressive. I have only played with the demo version and it really looks great. The admin styles sheets and added collaboration functionality seems to be much improved.

I'm still looking for a simple way to add 3-column styles sheet. The demo did no
t seem to include that particular format. Additionally, I would love to see MT4.
0 add semantic web support.
That is, FOAF and incorporation of, technorati, and MT built in tags
. To date, all of the tagging services are separate entities, so you typically end up having to write and manage this attribute in three different places. Certainly, not ideal.
I would like to be able to add tags to my entry and then generate a tag-cloud that would be inclusive of _all_ of my semantic attributes. The APIs for and technorati are all wide-open, so this should be possible.

In MT3.3x there seems to be a distinction between keywords and tags. I hope this
line is blurred in MT4.x. IMHO, this should be transparent to the user. I don't believe or technorati understand the difference. Why should I ?

I would imagine that I have regurgitated much of what others have *requested* regarding semantic tools. Anyway, I _know_ you guys are on the right track, this release is mad tight. I'll continue playing with the demo. Thx for slinging a great product, the effort is much appreciated.

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