Fight Night

As I prepare for an opportunity to test for my 3rd Dan in October. I have once again decided to increase the intensity and frequency of my workouts. I recently visited Tamashi Dojo, a school which I had once trained prior to my 1st Dan examination. It was interesting that some of the students actually remembered me, as I had not trained with them since 2004. Actually, it was refreshing to see the growth in some of their students.

In truth, though I am fairly comfortable with visiting different schools, I always get a bit nervous. The obvious concern is that I want to represent Tang Soo Do appropriately. It seems that other systems are unfamiliar with the midnight blue representation of Dan member. In fact, one particular student wondered aloud. "Is that a black belt?" I chuckle and teach ;)

Tamashi holds their sparring and conditioning drills on Friday evening. The evening training has been dubbed "Fight Night".. I suppose it provides the added allure for the younger students. Actually, I believe it helps raise the intensity level every so slightly. Though, I do enjoy sparring and such, I would always welcome the opportunity to learn more about a different system. Particularly one that is *not* Korean. I believe Tamashi is Okinawan, or traditional Japanese.
I am very grateful and honored that I am still a welcomed visitor. I had a much needed vigorous workout.

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