Resurrection of Season

It looks as though the demise of the Bx Bombers was highly exaggerated. Although, the team is only a few games above .500 (certainly not the goal set by the most storied franchise in baseball). There is still a great deal of baseball left to play. The team has too much talent to struggle the entire season. Abreau and Cano are beginning to drive the ball with authority and the pitching rotation seems to have stabalized. Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, and Derek Jeter have been very consistent all season. All three could potentially carry the team offensively. Nonetheless, contributions from the bottom of the order will be necessary for the team to make a run at the division.

There also seemed to be much talk of the struggles of the overworked bullpen. Now that the starters are going deeper into the game, the bullpen can get much needed rest. On the other hand, Mariano Rivera is seeing more regular action and that translates into better outings. I really got tired of hearing that he was ineffective and that he was a cause of concern. In fact, I had planned to collect some meaningful data and prepare some statistical evidence to prove the contrary. It is not unusual for Rivera to struggle in April and May. Take a look at his career numbers.
When you compare his stats to his peers, nobody comes close to matching his ability. Even veteran relievers like Trevor Hoffman, Padres relief pitcher who has 500 career saves, does not have career saves, ERA or strikeouts that can match Mo.
Besides, how many championship rings does Hoffman own?

If the season ended today (but it does not end today) the Yankees would miss the postseason. They have not missed the postseason in nearly 20 yrs. If I know anything about statistics, I would not expect that aberration to occur this year.
Lastly, General Manager, Brian Cashman will need to bring in reinforcements for the bench, first base, and bullpen.

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