Quest for $100 laptop ended..

I have ended my search for the cheap notebook computer. In truth, if Negroponte offered me the sugar OLPC machine, I would grab it with the quickness. However, I am actually talking about my hodgepodge of barely usable and antiquated laptops. At one point I had a Thinkpad 600e and Dell Latitude Cpia. Both machines were roughly 5 and 6 yrs old respectively. Now I am running a very peppy Acer Aspire 5100. The Turion 64 is a pretty impressive CPU. Though I would have preferred the 64x2 (dual core), I really cannot complain, as the price point was superb.

My only gripe was that the machine came installed with Vista Basic. I wonder if I can have Redmond refund my cash as I simply blasted the OS away after two days, so that I could install Debian Etch 64?

Some initial thoughts on Vista-Basic. It was painfully slow with 512MB 4200 DDR RAM. Seems that M$ really isn't offering any software that people can use. Evaluation anti-virus, no viable office suite (ie M$ Works). Constant reminders that you can upgrade to Vista Ultimate or Platinum. Each time you access system level controls, you are asked by the OS "Do you really want to do that?" Very annoying.

Well, now I have Debian - Etch64 installed and I am quite pleased.
I did learn that the proprietary ATI drivers will not work with Beryl. So I'll have to settle for the older FOSS fglrx drivers. I haven't yet figured out how to get the onboard wireless working. So for now, I'm tethered to my gigabit switch. I have installed madwifi, but have not yet got it to play nice with the Atheros chipset.

Later, I'll add some links to these places where I found helpful hints. More on this exercise in the next few days.

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