Useless Meetings

If there is one thing that will annoy me.. Worthless teleconferences. Regardless if the request is work related or whatever.
In this instance, the effort was a noble one. Organize volunteers to support mentorship program for returning Summer interns. Not a very difficult proposition, the main challenges are :

  • Delivering meeting cadence throughout the Summer

  • Connecting mentors with mentees

  • Establishing information flow through appropriate intern committee members

  • Distribution of new organizational chart

  • Release activity schedule

Not entirely sure why these items could not have been handled via simple website or even a wiki.
Most of the mentors are repeatedly asked for the same documents each Summer (ie name, location, department, etc). Duplicity irritates me tremendously. We have all of these modern innovations, yet people fail to use them. In previous years, I have made recommendations, but they have fallen upon deaf ears. So instead, we are asked to support a late Friday afternoon teleconference.

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