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Last month I participated in our Federation seminar. As discussed previously this particular seminar was unique in that it was the first which our beloved Jae Joon Kim was not present. In his absence, his son, Master Saul Kim led us through the seminar and the Dan examinations. Because, I was not testing on this day, I arrived a few minutes late for the seminar. The dojang was full so, I simply slid into an area so that I could participate in basics.

It became pretty clear that Saul would be be running the seminar in more intense fashion. Spinning back kicks are definitely not my forte. Always struggle to pick up the target and whip my body around to get the proper power and torque. Actually, I do not achieve the required elevation. The technique is not one that you would typically use on the street, but if executed correctly, it does look quite impressive in a tournament. Striking the head of your opponent is a sure crowd pleaser and the judges will award you 2pts. A knockout would end the contest.

We got an opportunity to do more take downs on the concrete floor(well it was covered with a thin layer of carpet). Some of the senior dan members did some tumbling on the floor as well. In the past it seemed the dan members spent too much time watching the junior members. This was not the case for this seminar. I really enjoyed the workout. We sparred against gups (junior members), and not against other Dan members. In truth, I was already spent by that time, so the sparring gave me a bit of a breather.

The seminar ran from noon until approx 2.30p. I stuck around and supported one of our students who was testing for 3rd Dan. The testing was also very intense. Lots of basics, I believe all of the prospects were asked to run through our entire set of basic techniques twice. We probably have about 30 well-established basic techniques. Additionally, there were hyungs ( forms), breaking and sparring. It certainly made for a full-day for people taking the test. After witnessing these new horizons, I know that I am going to have to get 'right' quick. I should be eligible for 3rd Dan in October.
I'll have to begin road work and high impact aerobic exercises. No doubt I will be ready.

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