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It seems that there is going to be some healthy competition in the rich media delivery space. In an ironic twist, the Redmond woolly mammoth has raised the stakes and pushed another closed source company into the innovation circle. Very rare indeed. The Silverlight Live release is touted as platform agnostic. It appears that Adobe will now make an earnest effort to further improve its viral Flash product, with the Flex open source project. In truth, I have never been a huge fan of flash based applications, but I am pleased that Adobe decided to extend the framework by releasing the software under the Mozilla Public License.

As a Linux user, I often despised the numerous sites which used Flash eye candy, as they were typically slow to load. Additionally, the Adobe Flash plugin for the Linux platform was always two versions behind. It almost appeared that Adobe was not interested in building flash binaries for the Linux platform. In fact, many sites were requiring Flashplayer v8.0 or higher, and until recently Flash 7.0 was the most stable release. Luckily, all of that has changed and there is a stable Flashplayer 9.0 plugin for Linux platform. It does work rather well and has passed the You-Tube test on most occasions.

Exciting times indeed. Regardless who wins, the competition can only improve the quality of the rich media experience. I would imagine that there are means to incorporate the various open Yahoo, Google, and other APIs to create some excellent mash-up applications.

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