Penguicon 5.0

Attended my 3rd Penguicon convention. The first night of the convention was lackluster at best. I checked out two talks. Introduction to Python and Moodle, Free Software Web Portal For On-Line Education.

The first presenter was unable to get the projector working, so the audience was asked to huddle around her notebook computer. Luckily I underwent Lasik surgery and my vision is at least 10-20. Needless to say, it still was difficult to appreciate the Python talk without really viewing the code. The presenter promised to post her talk on her blog. I'll have to take a peek later.

The Moodle talk was decent, and provided by the LinuxBox folks. Ironically they used the same room as the Python talk and were able to get the projector working. The problem these guys experienced was a weak Wi-Fi signal. No problem, I later got a copy of the Moodle talk from one of the presenters.

I do not fault the presenters as much as the hotel facilities. It seems that the hotel gofers were either not on duty or overwhelmed by other problems at the time of these talks. Perhaps the hotel just assumed that a group of geeks could simply fix their own problems.

Nonetheless, I'll be taking another trip to the Troy Hilton to take in a few more talks. I especially want to take in some of the Nanotech and TrixBox conversation.

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