How does one improve their blog..


This post was inspired by James McGovern @ Duckdown. He has requested constructive criticism.
Though I rarely view the site without use of my trusted RSS Aggregator Bloglines, I can easily provide the following feedback.

Here are my 5 pet peeves

  • Overuse of images
  • Choice of Blogger Publishing Engine
  • Hotlinking of Images
  • Infrequent replies to post

Here are my 3 Praises

  • Great Insight to SOA
  • Humor
  • Technical conversation on Enterprise Architecture

Lastly, I do find the content to be thought provoking. It is great to see that he is passionate about his industry and is very interested in meshing Open Source into Enterprise Architecture.

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  • On Target Auto Industry Views
  • Is wider better? - Reply to James McGovern
  • Bleeding continues..
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