CSUN Center on Disabilities

I am attending the 22nd Annual International Technology & Person with Disabilities conference in LA. The conversation underscores assistive technologies and its use in serving persons which that are physically challenged. There are guide dogs, motorized wheelchairs, and various other hardware which will support special needs attendees. I am thoroughly impressed with the cross section of the participants.

Of course, the ISVs that I have met primarily build applications for two platforms. None of which are Open Source. Ironically, there are some large players at CSUN, who support FOSS. SUN, Google, and IBM have booths here. It seems that both SUN and IBM have been working to improve accessibility on the web browser.

It seems that this space could be radically improved by innovation on behalf of these large FOSS supporters. Many of the developers are also end-users who have that proverbial itch that needed to be scratched.

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