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CSUN Center on Disabilities

I am attending the 22nd Annual International Technology & Person with Disabilities conference in LA. The conversation underscores assistive technologies and its use in serving persons which that are physically challenged. There are guide dogs, motorized wheelchairs, and various other hardware which will support special needs attendees. I am thoroughly impressed with the cross section of the participants.

Of course, the ISVs that I have met primarily build applications for two platforms. None of which are Open Source. Ironically, there are some large players at CSUN, who support FOSS. SUN, Google, and IBM have booths here. It seems that both SUN and IBM have been working to improve accessibility on the web browser.

It seems that this space could be radically improved by innovation on behalf of these large FOSS supporters. Many of the developers are also end-users who have that proverbial itch that needed to be scratched.

AG Speaks Episode 009 - Bryan Wilhite

Short update. I will be in LA for 3/20 - 3/26. Hopefully I can meet-up with some of my Cali peoples. The blue Yankee will be donned ;)

Apologies for the long delay in publishing this conversation. I have another discussion in the hopper, and will publish it before I head West on Tuesday.

You may grab the feed from the usual place.
Unfortunately, importing audio into Odeo Studio has been hit or miss.. Chipmunk effect has returned after a couple of successful uploads. Download the raw file to avoid the poor quality.

I am currently looking for a home for my ogg audio. Anybody have any suggestions, I'd be so
very grateful. Once I locate a host, I will burn a separate feed for my ogg content. I will not be able to re-publish past shows in the ogg format, as time is limited. Rest assured that going forward, ogg content will always be available.

Download mp3 (88.46min || 20MB)


Bryan's site.

Funeral musings

I attended a funeral for the father of a former mentee. This was the first time I had attended a funeral. Nope, I do not find this unusual for someone who is +30.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that I ate the bread wafer (eucharist??) before, I was to dip it into the wine(grape juice)... The ceremony was well received, the gentleman touched the lives of many. He served as a surrogate father for me. Because I have not lived at home for many years, I typically am displaced during family based holidays. His family has been very gracious in providing a place for me. I genuinely enjoyed mentoring his son, it was very gratifying and enriched me immensely.

Violence in Zimbabwe

Admittedly, I have not been acutely aware of the uprising that is unfolding in Zimbabwe. What is most intriguing in this store is the MDC( Movement for Democratic Change) is responsible for the pressure that incumbent leader Mugabe is experiencing. Mugabe has ruled that region for 27years.

Perhaps the most shocking news is that one of my former undergrad professors (Controls/Robotics Researcher) Arthur Mutambara is a chief organizer of the rebellion. It seems that MDC and his key aids (ie Mutambara) were beaten and detained by the Mugabe's ruling authority. My strength goes out to him while he seeks Democratic reforms.

Mugabe's mainrivalhospitalized -

Go Rattlers !

I will be watching my FAMU Rattlers with great interest, as they battle Niagra in Dayton for the play-in game. The victor earns the rights to play #1 seeded Kansas in the West Regional.

FAMU won the MEAC tournament on a thrilling last second shot and earned an automatic bid to the dance. Actually the Rattlers were the last HBCU to win the play-in game.

Best of luck to them.
NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Play-In Game: Information from

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How does one improve their blog..


This post was inspired by James McGovern @ Duckdown. He has requested constructive criticism.
Though I rarely view the site without use of my trusted RSS Aggregator Bloglines, I can easily provide the following feedback.

Here are my 5 pet peeves

  • Overuse of images
  • Choice of Blogger Publishing Engine
  • Hotlinking of Images
  • Infrequent replies to post

Here are my 3 Praises

  • Great Insight to SOA
  • Humor
  • Technical conversation on Enterprise Architecture

Lastly, I do find the content to be thought provoking. It is great to see that he is passionate about his industry and is very interested in meshing Open Source into Enterprise Architecture.

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