Human Capital Potential

I spent time talking with some colleagues regarding the importance people vs. process. It seems that there is questions is a difficult one for management to solve. Conventional wisdom suggests that people are commodities to be used when most appropriate. Actually, I'm not certain that this is the best answer. In fact, I asked this same question of my Linked-In community and the answers were quite thought provoking.

So, do you fit people to the process or fit the process to the people. Arguably, you will not have a successful process if you do not have the correct blend of talented people. I suppose to some extent, you must take great care to provide the best training for your personnel.

Lastly, there is that expectation that leadership is a 'natural selection' process. In that, leaders will gravitate to the head of the pack and provide stability for the process in question. I have never subscribed to the idea of a natural born leader. I happen to believe that leadership can be taught and is a learned behavior.

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