Run Tiki, Run

As both the G-Men and Gang Green bowed out of the playoffs, I clearly have to give props to Tiki Barber. He is clearly deserving of NFL elite status. I'll never understand why athletes catch so much hell, simply because they opt to leave the game on their terms, not that of management or the press.

If and when Eli Manning receives the proper tutelage, the Giants will finally go deeper in the playoffs. Playing QB on any NY squad certainly puts you under the microscope. Most believe his maturation process needs to be accelerated. However, it is difficult to execute when you have guys who drop passes, and offensive schemes that do not play to your strengths.

Other intangibles:
I also believe that they need to improve their special teams (read: get some playmakers), and the defensive secondary. The O-line and D-line is very capable and will improve, though it wouldn't hurt to get more depth. The problem is that offensive lineman and capable reserve defensive lineman are not commodity items in the NFL.

I think Jets have fewer holes to fill; however, in the impending retirement of Curtis Martin does not bode well for them. I'm not certain that they will be able to find a Tier I running back. Their time of possession was nearly one-third that of the Pats, a clear indicator that if you do not have a running in January, you'll likely to go home early.

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