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Geez, it seems that some of my most often used applications are now under different ownership or orphaned entirely (well not entirely). Now that Odeo has now been acquired, and JotSpot Wiki snapped up by the Google juggernaut, both are fairly useful applications. Each

I wonder how the data within the Jotspot wiki will be handled. The bots associated with Google are quite aggressive, I'm not sure that people would really want their information data mined to the nth degree. Google has not officially discussed how they propose to handle the legacy data. Meanwhile there are tons of multimedia files on the Odeo servers. I'm sure that the podcasts, err I mean radiocasts are valuable to all who have uploaded their works of art.

I'll be keeping my eye on the situation for sure.

Bonus Finally, I've reached a milestone as I've recently published my 500th blog entry [actually I've done 550 - 500 (MT) / 50 (Blogger)]

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