I've been tagged

Heh, I thought this was a blogspot-ism, nonetheless since I respect the person that tagged me I'll bite ;)

Wow, this a little tough, as I lead such a public life online :P
I will do my best and _not_ repeat stuff that you can easily find on my site within 5 minutes.

1) I am a Kitchen Kemist, that is I enjoy cooking. Peep my flickr pics for evidence.

2) Though I love all things computing, I don't have a traditional CS background. I'm self-taught, school of hard knocks. I prefer it that way.

3) I am a novice gardener, my pops has the green thumb tho.

4) As a youngster, I used to carry a two-shot, pearl handle Derringer. Yeah, I was tough guy then.

5) Survived one of the worse peacetime U.S Naval disasters - May 17,1987 (USS Stark) nuff said

6) I'm actively seeking my birthparents. I was adopted at the age of nine. More on this later.

7) Lastly today is my birthday, show ya luv :)

Ok.. I've done the deed and will tell no more. Guess I must hit some other people.


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