AG Speaks Episode 008 - Michael Kimsal

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The post processing took far longer than I had hoped. The discussion is much longer due to the meandering of the host, but the audio quality is much improved when compared to some of the earlier shows. I am again experimenting with lower bitrates. I used 16kps to reduce the file size to something more manageable. Alas, it seems that I found the magical bitrate and frequency which the Odeo embedded flash player understands. Yay, no more chipmunk effect.

If you want higher quality audio, grab the ogg file. Yes, I'm going to include ogg files for all future shows.

I figured that if I'm going to be talking about F/OSS, I'd better be walking the walk ;)
Additionally, I finally got around to fixing the feed for my podcasts radiocasts. It now points to the appropriate content, so feel free to subscribe via the RSS podcast chicklet on the site.


Download mp3 (98.20min || 12MB)
Download Ogg (98.20min || 25MB)


Michael's site.

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