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NYC musings

Enjoying family and friends. Actually peeped a Nets game. Though they lost to the Lakers, it was good to hang out with friends. I will eventually update my flickr pics. If you're in the tri-state area, drop me a line. Enjoy the holidays

second life - revisited

took another look at secondlife,and I can easily see how people get consumed. Nah I didn't get a bottle stuck to my head. However, I did learn to appreciate the richness of the experience. It felt good seeing other noobs trying to figure out the basics. How to change clothes, facial features, etc. I'm keenly interested in changing ethnicity,as I did not secretly wish to be reborn as a caucasion. Anybody know how to do this? I'm all ears. There are many things to do, but I haven't figured out how to hustle in secondlife. Just like the other world, it takes money. I don't have any;-) That's Lindens. The Linux client is still in alpha 1.13.x, works pretty well, and I had no problems accessing the grid. I did not have any bandwidth issues either.

I've been tagged

Heh, I thought this was a blogspot-ism, nonetheless since I respect the person that tagged me I'll bite ;)

Wow, this a little tough, as I lead such a public life online :P
I will do my best and _not_ repeat stuff that you can easily find on my site within 5 minutes.

1) I am a Kitchen Kemist, that is I enjoy cooking. Peep my flickr pics for evidence.

2) Though I love all things computing, I don't have a traditional CS background. I'm self-taught, school of hard knocks. I prefer it that way.

3) I am a novice gardener, my pops has the green thumb tho.

4) As a youngster, I used to carry a two-shot, pearl handle Derringer. Yeah, I was tough guy then.

5) Survived one of the worse peacetime U.S Naval disasters - May 17,1987 (USS Stark) nuff said

6) I'm actively seeking my birthparents. I was adopted at the age of nine. More on this later.

7) Lastly today is my birthday, show ya luv :)

Ok.. I've done the deed and will tell no more. Guess I must hit some other people.


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Lotta hype about Skype

Who am I to judge, but I think some people have really gone bonkers with Skype. Unlike the iPod, they haven't created anything new; however, the buzz grew quite large when the company was acquired by eBay. For the record I'm not an iPod drone either. Marketing and promotion has done wonders for the iPod, but I digress.

Although their proprietary protocol was reversed engineered, they still compete with open protocols (SIP, IAX, and H.323). Since Skype hit the net about three years ago, there have been a plethora of alternative softphones (ie Ekiga, Gizmo, Google Talk, etc.)

I'm not sure whether latest thrust to create mobile devices which carry Skype by default would put a true stranglehold on this space.. What I do know is that eBAY is vigorously attempting to recoup a return on their investment. Now they want to charge an annual premium on the Skype out calls(Click to Call), that is PC to POTS / PC to cell. Who knows how many customers would be willing to pay for an existing free service? Only time will tell.

I personally will choose freedom. I'll fire up Ekiga in a hot second ;)

Police Brutality in the City

Though I'm no longer living at home, I'm still very much interested in NY events. Particularly the issue of police brutality. I still remember Yusef Hawkins, Elenor Bumphus, Amadou Diallo, and Louima.

The latest is the Sean Bell case, which I'm sure will be setoff a great deal of hatred for the local authorities. Very disheartening to witness these crimes, as they go unpunished.

What is the true value of life? Especially the lives of people of color.

the rasx() context » Blog Archive » Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo

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Worldwind of change

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Geez, it seems that some of my most often used applications are now under different ownership or orphaned entirely (well not entirely). Now that Odeo has now been acquired, and JotSpot Wiki snapped up by the Google juggernaut, both are fairly useful applications. Each

I wonder how the data within the Jotspot wiki will be handled. The bots associated with Google are quite aggressive, I'm not sure that people would really want their information data mined to the nth degree. Google has not officially discussed how they propose to handle the legacy data. Meanwhile there are tons of multimedia files on the Odeo servers. I'm sure that the podcasts, err I mean radiocasts are valuable to all who have uploaded their works of art.

I'll be keeping my eye on the situation for sure.

Bonus Finally, I've reached a milestone as I've recently published my 500th blog entry [actually I've done 550 - 500 (MT) / 50 (Blogger)]

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AG Speaks Episode 008 - Michael Kimsal

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The post processing took far longer than I had hoped. The discussion is much longer due to the meandering of the host, but the audio quality is much improved when compared to some of the earlier shows. I am again experimenting with lower bitrates. I used 16kps to reduce the file size to something more manageable. Alas, it seems that I found the magical bitrate and frequency which the Odeo embedded flash player understands. Yay, no more chipmunk effect.

If you want higher quality audio, grab the ogg file. Yes, I'm going to include ogg files for all future shows.

I figured that if I'm going to be talking about F/OSS, I'd better be walking the walk ;)
Additionally, I finally got around to fixing the feed for my podcasts radiocasts. It now points to the appropriate content, so feel free to subscribe via the RSS podcast chicklet on the site.


Download mp3 (98.20min || 12MB)
Download Ogg (98.20min || 25MB)


Michael's site.

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