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Lately I've redoubled my efforts to locate my birthparents, I was able to retain the services of a genealogist (thx Nikki), and based upon what the lady has shared, it would appear that I have located my biological mother. Unfortunately, after making a call to the residence, I was offered much denial, and I really did not get an opportunity for closer.

Understand that I did not go into this journey looking for a fairytale as I'm much too old for that sort of thinking. Nonetheless, I was expecting closure and had hoped to gain information into health history and perhaps also gain knowledge of my siblings. Basically, it would appear that I'll have to make a personal visit to the residence or try an alternative method.

Recently I spent a great deal of time with the genealogist who performed the initial search. I had begun to wonder whether the genealogist would continue to help, as she had already fulfilled her contract (and grabbed deposited her check). She quelled my anxiety by intervening and helping me make sense of some of the information and the behavior.

As a sanity check she called the number to the home and had me remain silent on the line, so that she could query one of my siblings. It was surreal for them to deny knowing the name of birthmother and then admit to being one of her children in the next breath. It would also seem that there two numbers to that particular residence. Very strange indeed. What is clear is that I know not of either birthparent, in fact, the biological father never surfaced while performing the search. He remains a mystery. I'm very confident that I have not been misled by the search expert, as track record is extremely good.

Well, why would someone deny the existence of their offspring? Perhaps there are skeletons that they wish not to reveal? Is the truth so painful that she cannot bear to speak of it? I have my own reservations, but I am unbowed. I will continue the search, but take a different approach.

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