Virtual color barrier

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Very interesting take on the state of affairs as it pertains to access in the upswell which is web2.0. Actually, I had been thinking about responding to the article for quite awhile, but I've simply been to preoccupied with other matters.

To answer the God Viperteq.. I think we already have some very talented African-American developers and some even have VC loot and angel backing.

The problem is we don't do anything collectively, so it is very difficult to make any true progress. I'm more inclined to believe that if we pooled our resources and tapped the genius among us, we would recognize that it really is not necessary to seek inclusion in the White Boy Club. Methinks the next great idea is within your grasp, my grasp, our grasp. Rather than talking about it, let's manifest it with our own creative zeal.

Indeed, it may not be as simple as having an idea, but I am confident that there is genius among us.

If you don't know who, why not you, why not me, why not we?
Let's talk about it.

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