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And there was only one NY team standing in the MLB post season. After learning of the injury to Pedro Martinez, I would have expected the Mets to get bounced and _not_ my beloved Bombers.

Well another early exit, and what makes matters worse, I'm stuck in the middle of snickering whisker laden, downtrodden Detroit headz. Hell, were it not for their Pistons, the locals wouldn't have much to discuss. The local economy is another story.. I suppose it could be worse. My hat is tipped to the Tiggers.

Most people will point to the large Yankee payroll and all star 'murderous row' lineup, but the truth is the Yanks have been rebuilding quietly since 2001. Unfortunately, it is very difficult (and ill advised aka Pavano) to buy good pitching. So you have to gradually cultivate the farm system. Help is on the way, Phil Hughes is an excellent prospect; however, we will absolutely need more than two quality pitchers.

There really is no quick fix for an aging pitching staff. The offense will eventually click in the post season. I have no idea when this will occur, but I'm sure it will happen this decade. In fairness to the squad, it is close to impossible to have plate discipline when you're already down by four runs in the 3rd inning.

Changes are sure to come. I don't expect to see Sheffield back next season. Perhaps Randy Johnson or Mussina will also be sent packing in favor of some of the younger talented pitchers from the farm system.

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Update: Sources indicate that Joe Torre will staybe fired on and manage through 2007 and replaced by Lou Pinella

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