Boston Massacre

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Yep all the ingredients of the historical New England slaying.. Well, there was no Crispus Attackus, but there was a Coco Crisp. I guess that doesn't count ;)

Absolutely estatic by the way my squad played during a crucial five game set. Awesome sweep. Though, I know that there is plenty of baseball left, it is clear that the Bombers are headed in the right direction. The RSN seems to be scuffling at the worst time. The recent domination is reminiscent of the way the dynasty Yanks played during the 96-01 magical run.

An excellent blend of farm system talent (ie Philips, Wang, Cabrera, and Cano), coupled with seasoned veterans (ie Jeter, Posada, Damon, A-Rod, etc), it is going to be very difficult to deny this team in October. Our pitching has been stingy when needed. The difference between this year and last, is that the bridge between starters and Mariano Rivera was sufficiently bolstered by Proctor, Villone, Myers, and Farnsworth. They have absolutely been getting the job done.

As I look at the Bosox demise, it's clear that the absence of Pedro Martinez, aging Schilling and Wells is taking a huge toll on the club. Perhaps most telling is their very abysmal bullpen, as it was completed shredded by the thunderous Yankee lineup. I've heard alot about young Papelbon, and I realize he has Rivera aspirations of greatness. Nonetheless, you can't get to the Hall of Fame by having a pretty good month. To be mentioned in the same breath of Mariano Rivera, you have got to close out games year after year in very big spots. Papelbon has much to learn.

I'm sure RSN apologists will point to the injuries that beset their club immediately before the trading deadline. I don't have much sympathy, as the Yanks were able to overcome injuries to more key players. Besides Yankee General Manager, Cashman made the right moves to improve the club without giving up any of our young talent. Very textbook and again reminiscent of the dynasty years.

Clearly, that 2004 ALCS Bosox comeback down 0-3 was an abberation ushered in by the silly wildcard and poor Yankee pitching. Yeah, the curse may be over but the torment continues.

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