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Montreal is a wonderful place. It seems very rich in cultural diversity. It seems that the natives immediately associate people who are of a darker persuasion to Africans. Though, I know my lineage is somewhere in Africa, I can not honestly tell folks I am from Africa. I explain that I'm from NY, and people immediately warm-up to me ;)

Kidding aside, people seem to be genuinely friendly. I have met an Air Canada pilot, two Canadiens who were on their way to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro.

Perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the trip is the time spent in the subway. I have travelled on several different systems (NYC, DC, ATL, Chi, etc).. However, I'd have to say that these are the cleanest subways. I was particularly taken to the real-time big screen LCD monitors, strategically located at certain stations. Despite having problems understanding which side of platform to use (I had a subway map on my Treo) after making a transform, using the system was fairly simple.

The busline was a bit more challenging..

The Biodome was great, I'll post more pics and share a bit more later.

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