Tube Montreal - Revisited

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After spending a few days riding the Tube (STM) in Montreal, it has become painfully the obvious that the seats are much too small. For whatever reason, the top section of the seats cut into my lower back. Very different to the seats and comfort that you expect on the MTA system. I suppose that the big bonus is the overall cleanliness of all of stations, even in the thickest rush hour traffic, you don't see any trash at all.

The people have been very tolerant of the typical visitors questions, and have not resisted any of my questions. Previously, I mentioned that I had some difficulty distinguishing which side was the correct train for the desired destination. The problem was due to my inability to read the signs and follow directions. In retrospect, it really wasn't too difficult.

I will likely have a new section covering Montreal in the photo journal. Hopefully, I can get it done by late this eve.

On a side note, I did get a chance to visit La basalique Notre Dame de Montreal. The view was quite stunning to say the least. Great pics abound.

Dining has been magnifique, as the food has been quite satisfying. Though, we've not yet had a typical French style dining experience. Most of the Canadiens that I've spoken with have told me that there really is no 'special' Canadien meal. They have suggested that I get some of that delicious maple syrup. I've dined at both sides of the extremes, as I've eaten at a fairly popular hostel and a more upscale restaurant

Today, I'm going to challenge Mount Royal, and experience a bit of novice mountain climbing.

BTW: Not sure if I already mentioned it, also experienced Canada Day while in Quebec.

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