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Well it appears that the unthinkable has happened. Despite the loss of Matsui and Sheffield (last season each drove in over 100RBIs respectively), the Bx Bombers are keeping pace in the AL East.

After sweeping the World Champion Chi-Sox, there is definitely reason to be optimistic. This week the Yanks begin a very important string of games against teams in their division.

It appears that Matsui could be cleared to join the team early next week. Sheffield isn't far behind.
The unsung heroes are the youngsters that have been unexpected boost. As the club seeks to get younger, they are going back to the strategy of their earlier dynasty programs. Build the farm system, and mix youth with proven veterans. Cabrera, Chin-Ming Wang, Proctor and some recent call ups will be important to the success of the club. General manager, Brian Cashman seems to be very reluctant to part with farm system prospects.
History would suggest that he has good reason not to deal these prospects, as Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte (Andy has since left to play with Houston) were farm prospects who propelled the team to five titles in six years.

Replenishing the farm system should be very important to the club. Especially, if they wish to win
another divisional title.

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Though Rivera gave up a rare walk-off homer during a contest against Toronto (hadn't done that since 7/21/04 against Boston), he's been automatic for over a decade. In fact, Mo reached the hallowed 400 career saves last week. No question he is a first ballot Hall of Fame candidate.
Special Mariano 400 Career Saves

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