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I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay in Quebec. Should the opportunity permit itself, I'd gladly return. The city of Montreal has an abundance of activity in the Summer, lots to get into. The last couple of days were spent scaling Mount Royal and spending more time in Old Montreal. The sites were phenomenal. You can find the pics in the usual places.. I've also added more stuff to the photo journal

If anyone knows a way to transfer pics from Gallery to flickr, drop me an email. I would imagine that someone has put together a nice hack, especially since the Flickr API has been available for quite awhile. It probably would be a great project for Google Summer of Code ;)

As the above photo would suggest, I finally got an opportunity to ride the much publicized Segway. It was a joy to ride. Sadly, the Dean Kamon invention was a total commercial failure. Though he's a brilliant engineer and entrepreneur, he really isn't a marketing genius. Due in large part to the cost of the device. The Seg was advertised as a replacement to the automobile, but the $6,000 US price tag certainly deterred potential buyers. If I wanted to replace my car with a $6K vehicle, I'd by a used Civic, not a craft that won't shelter me from the elements, etc. Had Kamon spent more time hiring a team of marketing experts, I assert that his invention would net millions. Consider the rapidly approaching fuel crisis and the outcry for alternative methods to the internal combustion engine. If it were reasonably priced, there is no doubt that the Segway could have been positioned to gain considerable traction among residents of large cities. Unfortunately, the Segway is relegated to a sideshow oddity or an occasional rental. I've heard that certain law enforcement agencies use them too.

Enough about the Segway, as I'm back in the states now. If you should decide to ride the train to Quebec, be sure to purchase VIA Rail first class tickets. The highspeed internet and other amenities are phenomenal.

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