AG Speaks Episode 007 - Ejovi Nuwere

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Great conversation with Ejovi, we are probably going to record another segment in the near future. There is much work to do and a great deal more to discuss. Hopefully, audio quality will be much better next time.

It appears that conducting podcasts via telephone is fraught with peril. For whatever reason, I've had lots of problems with the remote audio. Nonetheless, the show must continue.

Most of my guest seem to prefer to simply call into conference. I'll have to figure out a solution.
I would much rather use a SIP phone (ie Ekiga, LinPhone, Wengo, others), and communicate computer to computer. Overall the Treo experiment is working, but I do not have any control over the remote audio.
If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'm all ears.

*Update* Arrgh.. Despite my best efforts, I've still not resolved the problems with Flash players on Odeo and Biggu. The sample rate is 22.0khz, yet the speed is unacceptable. I suppose that I'll need to drop it down to 11.025khz. Very frustrating. In the meantime, simply download the show using he link below.

Download Show (49.29min || 23MB)


Ejovi's site.

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