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In You-Tube we trust?

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Robert Cringley seems to have the uncanny ability to get to the root of a topic. I often wondered about the idea of ownership on the internet. It always saddens me that the avenues for sharing content eventually transform to a monetized existence.

You-Tube has set a unique precedence, in that they have a very large number of community video clips. As the article would suggest, should You-Tube become an enterprising juggernaut, there could spell doom for a number of people.

PBS | I, Cringely . July 27, 2006 - What goes on the Net stays on the Net

Hacking DRM

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I have long despised the current application of DRM. My stance will not soften, particularly since much of the FUD surrounding the conversation is built upon ignorance and powerful lobbyists (MPAA, RIAA, etc.).

Though, I'm not a regular reader of Ars T., the article below is near and dear to my heart.

Hacking Digital Rights Management

Social Networking patent?

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Now I truly believe you can patent anything. Methinks Friendster is looking for a means to resurrect a dying business model. I suppose they lost all of their residents to myspace ;)

RED HERRING | Friendster Wins Patent

links for 2006-07-23

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They're Baaack..

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Well it appears that the unthinkable has happened. Despite the loss of Matsui and Sheffield (last season each drove in over 100RBIs respectively), the Bx Bombers are keeping pace in the AL East.

After sweeping the World Champion Chi-Sox, there is definitely reason to be optimistic. This week the Yanks begin a very important string of games against teams in their division.

It appears that Matsui could be cleared to join the team early next week. Sheffield isn't far behind.
The unsung heroes are the youngsters that have been unexpected boost. As the club seeks to get younger, they are going back to the strategy of their earlier dynasty programs. Build the farm system, and mix youth with proven veterans. Cabrera, Chin-Ming Wang, Proctor and some recent call ups will be important to the success of the club. General manager, Brian Cashman seems to be very reluctant to part with farm system prospects.
History would suggest that he has good reason not to deal these prospects, as Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte (Andy has since left to play with Houston) were farm prospects who propelled the team to five titles in six years.

Replenishing the farm system should be very important to the club. Especially, if they wish to win
another divisional title.

YES Network: News

Though Rivera gave up a rare walk-off homer during a contest against Toronto (hadn't done that since 7/21/04 against Boston), he's been automatic for over a decade. In fact, Mo reached the hallowed 400 career saves last week. No question he is a first ballot Hall of Fame candidate.
Special Mariano 400 Career Saves

Another feel good story

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Just far better than posting pics of BSOD ;)
Gotta chuckle at this one. Will they ever learn?

Colin DiPonio - Tech Consultant » Blog Archive » A Comedy Microsoft Story - Steve Ballmer and Spyware

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

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Latest pics of the $100 prototype. I have been keeping an eye on this project, as it is critical to lowering the barrier of access and the commoditization of hardware. Perhaps more importantly it is yet another opportunity to unfurl the banner of Open Source.

One Laptop Per Child | FON Blog

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links for 2006-07-15

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AG Speaks Episode 007 - Ejovi Nuwere

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Great conversation with Ejovi, we are probably going to record another segment in the near future. There is much work to do and a great deal more to discuss. Hopefully, audio quality will be much better next time.

It appears that conducting podcasts via telephone is fraught with peril. For whatever reason, I've had lots of problems with the remote audio. Nonetheless, the show must continue.

Most of my guest seem to prefer to simply call into conference. I'll have to figure out a solution.
I would much rather use a SIP phone (ie Ekiga, LinPhone, Wengo, others), and communicate computer to computer. Overall the Treo experiment is working, but I do not have any control over the remote audio.
If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'm all ears.

*Update* Arrgh.. Despite my best efforts, I've still not resolved the problems with Flash players on Odeo and Biggu. The sample rate is 22.0khz, yet the speed is unacceptable. I suppose that I'll need to drop it down to 11.025khz. Very frustrating. In the meantime, simply download the show using he link below.

Download Show (49.29min || 23MB)


Ejovi's site.

links for 2006-07-13

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Bleeding continues..

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It seems that winds of change continue to sweep the Redmond.
Yeah, I know this is old news but this announcement came just a short time before Gates stepped down. Could there eventually be peace between the pundits of Cathedral and Bazaar software models? As the article suggests, most of the stuff contained in the "Get the facts" campaign was FUD and sought to smear Open Source software. It is absolutely no surprise that the there was a great deal of backlash levied against the orchestrator of this effort.

Unfortunately, industry analysts did not say very much about the truth about these so called facts.
James McGovern where ya at ;)

Anti-Linux leader leaves Microsoft | InfoWorld| By Elizabeth Montalbano

links for 2006-07-12

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AG Speaks Episode 006 - Joe Gasiorek

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Conversation with Joe Gasiorek has been published. Please be advised that the audio quality could be better. Actually, I figured out that I should not use a bluetooth headset as a microphone ;)

Again, please do not use the Odeo flash player. It appears that the flash player is unable to handle audio encoded at something other than 11.025khz multiples. So, the audio has the chipmunk affect ;) I'll modify the sample rate within Audacity to fix the problem with the flash player on Odeo.

Until I resolve the matter, simply download the file directly to your audio player.

Download Show (34.27min || 16MB)


Episode 004 AG Speaks

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As promised I have uploaded another discussion, (sans guests).
For the moment, please do not use the Odeo flash player. It appears that the flash player is not able to handle audio encoded at something other than 11.025khz multiples. So, the audio has the chipmunk affect ;)

Until I resolve the matter, simply download the file directly to your audio player.

Download Show (37.10min || 18MB)


Wikipedia and news 2.0

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I'm not sure if mainstream media will ever fully understand that news is evolving to a citizens based, contributory style journalism. The Internet community has helped reshape the way news is distributed and will eventually end the glory days of the media oligopoly.

Say what you will about Wikipedia, but it really does an excellent job with its wikinews. Is it perfect, no it is not. However, I would assert that mainstream media has had a fair amount of black eyes, and there are far fewer eyeballs checking for bugs in their processes.

Finally uploaded another edition of AG Speaks. Conversation with Java developer -Mack Hendricks.

More shows will be forthcoming..
Grab the RSS feed
Get the whole show.

Episode 005 Shownotes:

Mack's personal project - GoFlyBall.com.

Segway / Montreal Final Thoughts

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I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay in Quebec. Should the opportunity permit itself, I'd gladly return. The city of Montreal has an abundance of activity in the Summer, lots to get into. The last couple of days were spent scaling Mount Royal and spending more time in Old Montreal. The sites were phenomenal. You can find the pics in the usual places.. I've also added more stuff to the photo journal

Tube Montreal - Revisited

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After spending a few days riding the Tube (STM) in Montreal, it has become painfully the obvious that the seats are much too small. For whatever reason, the top section of the seats cut into my lower back. Very different to the seats and comfort that you expect on the MTA system. I suppose that the big bonus is the overall cleanliness of all of stations, even in the thickest rush hour traffic, you don't see any trash at all.

The people have been very tolerant of the typical visitors questions, and have not resisted any of my questions. Previously, I mentioned that I had some difficulty distinguishing which side was the correct train for the desired destination. The problem was due to my inability to read the signs and follow directions. In retrospect, it really wasn't too difficult.

Tube Montreal

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Montreal is a wonderful place. It seems very rich in cultural diversity. It seems that the natives immediately associate people who are of a darker persuasion to Africans. Though, I know my lineage is somewhere in Africa, I can not honestly tell folks I am from Africa. I explain that I'm from NY, and people immediately warm-up to me ;)

Kidding aside, people seem to be genuinely friendly. I have met an Air Canada pilot, two Canadiens who were on their way to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro.

Perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the trip is the time spent in the subway. I have travelled on several different systems (NYC, DC, ATL, Chi, etc).. However, I'd have to say that these are the cleanest subways. I was particularly taken to the real-time big screen LCD monitors, strategically located at certain stations. Despite having problems understanding which side of platform to use (I had a subway map on my Treo) after making a transform, using the system was fairly simple.

The busline was a bit more challenging..

The Biodome was great, I'll post more pics and share a bit more later.

Au Montreal

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Bon jour mon amis - Good day my friends (for the non-French speaking). I could probably write the entire entry in French, but I would probably reveal my inability to correctly speak/write the language. Besides, je etudiez a la francais l'ecole secondaire pour quatre ans. If you'd like simply use Babblefish to translate the text for a good laugh.

Today, I'll spend more time in old Montreal and the Biodome reviewing the various ecosystem.

More pics will updated on flickr and photo journal.

Sourceforge is a testament to the multitude of projects that either fork or eventually get ethered without serving much useful purpose.. Nonetheless I would argue that there are a number of SF hosted projects that are thriving and quite useful.

Disclaimer: Both Kimsal and Elder are my buddies, so I bring forth no axe or wedge ;)
Hmm, I wonder what these guys think about the Summer of Code? I'm clear that companies like Google, would encourage the various project owners (principals) Apache, Moodle, OpenSolaris, OLPC, Mozilla, and others to build to definite specifications. I couldn't imagine that it would be otherwise.

I suppose it is difficult to fathom the shear amount of work that these projects are delivering to the community. Even those very close to the activity can easily become befuddled.

Michael Kimsal’s weblog » Critical thinking on state of open source software

Vacation Musings

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I'm on a speeding train heading to Toronto and I'm very impressed with the onboard Wi-Fi. All you need to realize is that you'd better have a reliable VPN, so that you can be assured that nobody is grabbing your info from the wire. I'm using hotspotvpn. The service is pretty reliable and not very expensive. I should be in Montreal by 1700.

Regarding podcasts - I feel like a deadbeat.. Some of you have asked about my defunct podcasts. Fear not, I had planned to publish four fabulous conversations, Ejovi Nuwere, Joe Gasiorek, and Mack Hendricks, but I got slammed with a ton of coursework. I'll get them done upon my return stateside. That's a promise.

More updates later.

If I were a billionaire ...

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With all of the press Warren Buffett received after giving away a large sum of his wealth, I have begun to think about the responsibility of serving humankind. What would I do with a billion dollars. Would it be irresponsible to leave none of it for my offspring? Should I drop an endowment at FAMU or BTHS? There are some that would argue that offering up cash to squelch world hunger is more noble than affecting change domestically. Nonetheless, I believe that if I had that large sum of loot, it would be my choice alone. I would agree that that it is unlikely that any of the donation offered to the Gates Foundation would actually trickle down to inner-cities. However, if Buffett decided to drop a few million in say, Detroit, would it be synomous to pouring water through a sieve? I dunno.

What is clear is that the days of getting wealthy through the silver-spoon route are numbered. In fact, I would assert that the majority of people who classify themselves 'millionaires' didn't get it from an inheritance. They were likely very frugal and extremely industrious. Don't get it twisted, athletes, entertainers, and their ilk are aberrations and that sort of wealth is often _not_ sustained.

Rest assured, if I were a billionaire, my immediate family would be comfortable. If I had children, they'd have to earn it the old-fashioned way. No economic outpatient care (EOC).

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