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Dunno know about you but I'm really getting tired of all of the illegal aliens rhetoric. I suppose I'm a bit biased, as I come from a city that made a living off people who weren't naturalized citizens. Additionally, I now live in a region which has a dearth of jobs, so nobody would risk life and limb to come here.

Nonetheless, it seems that this sort of conversation intensifies as the US economy takes a dive. I suppose that if the economy was thriving and unemployment rates were manageable, there really wouldn't be very much discussion. Moreover, I believe it really is a diversionary tactic, as the country has far more pressing problems (ie rising fuel costs, conservation plans, technology shortage, etc).

I don't buy the argument that illegal aliens will drive this country to ruins. Simply apocolypse rhetoric.
Heck wasn't there a song glorifying illegal aliens in the 80's?

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