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Barton Core AMD Athlon XP
Barton Core AMD Athlon XP,
originally uploaded by AG_.
My last ditch effort to salvage an aging ASUS a7-m266D motherboard. The past several months my kernel has refused to recognize CPU0, so I have not had a working SMP workstation for quite awhile. I also discovered that changing seasons can expose an improperly cooled CPU. For whatever reason, I had too much dust and lint balls on my heatsink. The very smart motherboard simply shut my system down without warning. A quick look at the BIOS health monitoring section revealed 59C temps. Ouch.. Damn that burba carpet. It probably didn't help that I mounted the CPU0 heatsink backwards ;) I've got a nice brown spot underneath the core.

So now the BIOS doesn't recognize the modded XP. Sigh, bring out the highpower PC XPunlocking kit, but like G. Garvin says, "It's so simple." Hopefully all will be back to normal. I won't hold my breath tho.. I'll likely pull the trigger on a new Athlon x64 x2 this week. Will replace the a7-m266D with the Asus A8N-VM CSM in the next couple of weeks.

More updates later.
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