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GPS Woes

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It may actually be time to upgrade to a Treo650, I'm preparing for a trip to Montreal (more on this later) and it really would've been great to have GPS capability. It appears that I'm caught in a catch-22 situation. There are GPS solutions for the 600, (ie SDIO, serial cable, etc). If you occupy the SD slot for the NMEA antenna, then you can't store the map data. Unlike headsets, they simply don't make a bluetooth adapter that would provide the GPS functionality, that is communicate with the GPS satellites to provide real-time navigation data. The resolution on the 600 would also make it difficult to use some of the more sophisticated graphical programs.

I thought about hacking into the E911, triangulation service, but the accuracy is very poor. Updates would be nearly impossible. Oh well, I do have all of the tub maps, and the ubiquitous currency converter. Though I won't be doing any driving, it would be cool to have turn-by-turn street map at my finger tips. Sigh... On a brighter note, I splurged on a pair of Scott-E-Vest cargo shorts. Mad cool.

Insider Commentary

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I figured it would be just a matter of time before a larger subset of Google headz would blog publicly. Perhaps they would create something similar to Channel 9. Better yet inquiring minds want to know about the trials and tribulations that is the Summer of Code. It prolly would make a great reality show ;)

An Inside View From a Google Employee

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De-Mystifying Tech

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Recently stumbled upon a very interesting effort to improve technology infrastructures both domestically and abroad. The PopTech.org group seems to take a very sensible approach to leveling the playing field, and empowering traditionally alienated and under-represented peoples. The strategies will work just as well in the Bronx as in remote corners of India.

I was especially interested in the work that was taking place at the Barefoot College, Bunker Roy, and others have found a means to enrich the lives of its citizens with technology. Most importantly is that none of the students have a post-secondary education, but despite these perceived limitations, complex engineering concepts have been learned and executed by the villagers.

Immediately, I wondered if a barefoot college could be started in Harlem, Bed-Stuy or Detroit. This sort of work could easily benefit NOLA survivors. The emphasis is that aid efforts will suffocate or supress the native talent in areas which have been decimated by natural or socio-economic disasters. Survivors in these areas need jobs and viable skills, the outpouring of support typically displaces these people. The waiting game can actually be worse than the hurricaine or other natural disaster. Empower the people by allowing them to rebuild with their own intellect and resources.

People if left to their own devices are extremely resourceful, all that is really needed is a catalyst. A few talented engineers and desire for survival. After watching the conference, I was very inspired to learn more and possibly figure out a way to duplicate the methods in the inner-city. Heh, that's what engineers are supposed to be doing. Improving the quality of life for humankind.

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Gates Steps down

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After Gates's announcement to step down as CTO, I wonder if Ballmer will be far behind? I'm clear that the next few years will be very interesting in Redmond. I do hope that a change in the guard will also usher in a change in business practices.
I won't hold my breath tho..


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Barton Core AMD Athlon XP
Barton Core AMD Athlon XP,
originally uploaded by AG_.
My last ditch effort to salvage an aging ASUS a7-m266D motherboard. The past several months my kernel has refused to recognize CPU0, so I have not had a working SMP workstation for quite awhile. I also discovered that changing seasons can expose an improperly cooled CPU. For whatever reason, I had too much dust and lint balls on my heatsink. The very smart motherboard simply shut my system down without warning. A quick look at the BIOS health monitoring section revealed 59C temps. Ouch.. Damn that burba carpet. It probably didn't help that I mounted the CPU0 heatsink backwards ;) I've got a nice brown spot underneath the core.

So now the BIOS doesn't recognize the modded XP. Sigh, bring out the highpower PC XPunlocking kit, but like G. Garvin says, "It's so simple." Hopefully all will be back to normal. I won't hold my breath tho.. I'll likely pull the trigger on a new Athlon x64 x2 this week. Will replace the a7-m266D with the Asus A8N-VM CSM in the next couple of weeks.

More updates later.

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Dunno know about you but I'm really getting tired of all of the illegal aliens rhetoric. I suppose I'm a bit biased, as I come from a city that made a living off people who weren't naturalized citizens. Additionally, I now live in a region which has a dearth of jobs, so nobody would risk life and limb to come here.

Nonetheless, it seems that this sort of conversation intensifies as the US economy takes a dive. I suppose that if the economy was thriving and unemployment rates were manageable, there really wouldn't be very much discussion. Moreover, I believe it really is a diversionary tactic, as the country has far more pressing problems (ie rising fuel costs, conservation plans, technology shortage, etc).

I don't buy the argument that illegal aliens will drive this country to ruins. Simply apocolypse rhetoric.
Heck wasn't there a song glorifying illegal aliens in the 80's?

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