Virtues of Open Document Format

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Lots of FUD and diversion surrounds this relatively obscure topic. Though arguably not the most intriguing subject matter, nonetheless, the outcome of this debate will carry far reaching consequences. For instance, if widespread adoption of this open standard takes root.. Well, you can probably imagine who does _not_ want this to happen. Yep, M$ has already said publicly that its too difficult to deploy this sort of compatibiltiy in its current and future products. So, as customary the Redmond wooly mammoth has offered a proprietary XML solution. Not many people actually thought that M$ position in the OASIS standards consortium meant very much anyway. Suffice to say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Can't we just get along?

I submit that like many others, I do not know very much about the inner-workings of a word processor. Perhaps it really is difficult to create 'save-as' option or some sort of plug-in that could allow support for this open standard. Methinks, there are many smart people in Redmond. I remember vividly the backwards compatability efforts that M$ deployed when Office 97 was created. There was actually a plug-in that was readily available from the corporate site to help users with usability issues.

The bottom line is pure and simple. Greed, no other explanation. It will slap them in the face as always. The people have had their last word. No pun intended

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