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Finally got around to adding my banner and profile in my About section, so now everyone can discover my musical tastes. Not that you probably didn't know already ;) The idea of is very simple, as you play your prized collection of audio files, an instantaneous update of your musical genre is constructed on a community site. What essentially happens is that you create a social network based upon your listening tastes. Understand that this isn't yet another P2P swap meet, but instead you can find people who happen to like your style of music. Pretty simple concept.

Anyway, since I've been using Amarok 1.4 beta, real-time updates to the 'Recent Tracks' section are now possible. Bounce with me...

  • AmaroK v1.4 beta -Review
  • Social Networks - Revisited
  • Relevance of Metcalfe's Law in Social Networks
  • Product features lost in the translation..
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