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Well, I finally finished this book. Though the book was written over five years ago (during the dotcom burst) and is considered "old" in Internet years, the discussion is quite relevant for our time. Thus, I figured it would be good to review it here. Perhaps the most valuable lesson to be learned from the text is that 'business as usual' is gone forever. In other words, if you haven't been able to decipher the importance of including your customers into your product development process or value proposition.... Your business is likely to fail miserably.

Although, the text used Information Technology examples, these issues are problematic for all industries. Moreover, the solutions and methodologies would be beneficial to industries outside of IT. There was a great deal of attention spent on characterizing business as open dialogue or candid conversations with the customer. The authors made painstaking efforts to make sure that people understood that you cannot have a hidden agenda when you're dealing with customers. If you're concerned about brand image, the worst possible scenario would be to apppear disingenuous in the eyes of your customer.

The authors warned companies from trying to regurgitate failed mainstream marketing and deploying them as new value inside of the Internet space. If you look back to the dotcom implosion, it was mainly due to poor marketing and advertising schemes. The authors made parallels with material from the Cathedral and the Bazaar and there was discussion of the Open Source business model. The Digital or Information age has certainly stood business on its head.

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