Strip Mining at the FOSS quarry

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TiVo is a very good example of a company which has taken advantage of Open Source software for its financial gain, without returning some of that value back to the community. Apple's Safari browser also shares the same codebase of the KDE browser Konqueror. Sure some would argue that the Safari code base is so very different that it would essentially be a fork of the original KDE project. However, it has been well documented that Apple used Konqueror as reference in building it fairly popular Safari browser.
Now I understand that Apple has submitted software patents which will likely raise the ire of the KDE developers.

Taking this point a step further, there is also a 'dumping' phenomenon which is described quite nicely by JBoss exec. The idea of returning crap or code that really isn't useful back to the community after a company has reaped high gain. The idea of GPL is to share any and all code that has been modified. GPL V3, will help mitigate this dumping. However, companies will always find other licenses(ie BSD) that give them an easy means of circumventing the original goodness of sharing code. Not very nice at all.

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