Penguicon 2006

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Alas, I've returned to the annual Penguicon, local reunion of geeks and Sci-Fi fanatics. I spoke about this conference last year. While it seems to get smaller each year, the usual suspects seem to come back each year (ie ESR). Nonetheless, I attended a some pretty decent workshops.

Got a chance to check out a security conversation presented by Tatsuya Murase, and I was definitely surprised by the content. I was expecting a more nuts and bolts, how-to tools discussion. It was more of a strategy and policy discussion. Certainly was not a waste of time. I also caught a portion of the SSL discussion (Bill Childers), as I had to take a break from the sweat box that was called a conference room. The Holiday Inn probably doesn't make much on the attendees for this conference, so the accomodations are pretty sparce. Lastly, I got a chance to get some good ideas for an upcoming improvements to my home LAN backup or archiving strategy. Childers did another talk on BackupPC. He offered some helpful suggestions for my home archiving needs.

I missed some of other interesting talks(ie PHP Security Flavio daCosta), and but I added the presentation to my links for posterity.

Nonetheless, I'm rejeuventatied and humbled each time I attend one of these talks because I always learn that there is much that I still must learn. Maybe I'll get to the LWCE next year.

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