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Another Spike Lee joint. Actually, I believe Inside Man was better than 25th Hour. I wonder why it took so long for Denzel to do another film for 40 Acres? The entire film looked to be done with digital instead of classical 8mm. As we have come to expect with Spike's films, there were at least three different lessons to be learned. So if you pay attention, you might learn something.

Perhaps the best line in the flick, was the questioning of little boy..
The detective asks, "Weren't you scared?" The response from the child, "Nah, I'm Brooklyn..."
Classic. Of course, I had to yell out and speak my clout.. Yeah, boy.. I digress.

There is a huge emphasis on how we treat each other during times extreme drama. I'll leave it at that.

I enjoyed the flick so much that I grabbed a torrent for safe keeping. I understand the film grossed $29 million the first weekend. Not too shabby for a director who drops a film once in a blue.

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