Can't knock the hustle

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I've always enjoyed the deals that can be obtained on e-Bay. One of these days, I'm going to find the time to completely clean out my basement of unwanted electronics and hardware. However, until that time I suppose I'll remain a buyer and not a seller.

Recently, I purchased a SCSI/USB scanner. I never thought I'd ever have a need for a scanner,but my head instructor at my dojang provided the funding. He asked me to scan some photos for a forthcoming site. Now that classes are done, I might actually have some time to fire up Drupal and get it done.

Well, during my last e-Bay, excursion I got into a frenzied bidding war with some unknown entity. It seemed that each time I placed a bid and refreshed the browser, that random bidder submit one with a 0.50 over mine. I played this game four times, as the starting bid blossomed from $15 to $65 bucks. At this time I said forget it, not worth that much. Then I started googling and discovered that there are actually bots setup by _clever_ sellers. They bid up the merchandise to inflated levels to entice e-Bay newbies to continue bidding. What usually happens is that bot bails out of the bidding at the last minute, and you get stuck with overpriced merchandise. It is pretty difficult for a human to cancel a bid. Hmm.. Why didn't I think of that?

When I learned of this, I immediately, thought about three card monte game. For those of you who don't know (ain't from the streets of NYC), three-card monte is a famous hustle. Basically, you've got to guess which of the three cards will appear after the hustler, err I mean cards holder finishes moving the cards on the cardboard, err I mean table. Not too hard huh? Well, there is usually always one person who wins. So you get excited and you come in and all of a sudden you start losing.
I almost got caught out there. Who knows how high the bid would have become?

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