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It seems that script kiddies are taking advantage of 'randhtml.cgi' perl script that comes bundled with MT. The perl script simply does as the name suggests; allows you to embed random HTML strings into your blog entries. If you have this executable script in /cgi-bin, and it is not critical for your site, I'd suggest that you remove it. At the very least 'chmod 600', as it seems to have been targeted for mischief. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that some clever mind wanted to embed some weird HTML footer on some of my archive pages using a bit of PHP include file trickery. It seems that the footer would force a windows metafile injection, which redirects to some strange website. I wasn't to concerned about the .wmf injection, as I don't run a M$ OS( I believe that there is a patch to protect against the metafile injection vulnerability). However, it was annoying that .wmf download request.. Bottom is that these kiddies are looking for artificial page hits.

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