My adoption journey

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I wish it were as simple as Darryl (aka DMC) made it appear on the VH1, hour long show. The pseudo documentary captured his abbreviated search for his birth-mother. While I suspect, that Darryl Lovelace spent many years contemplating and struggling with the many unknowns associated with being an adoptee, the show did very little to capture the 'realness'.. I suppose it would be too obvious to state that a guy with celebrity to the highest degree is more likely to uncover mysteries than Joe Schmuckatella. Well, that's television for you. Sort of like the Antwone Fisher story.

I say this because, I too was adopted by an extremely generous and kind single black male (aka Pops) at the tender age of 9yrs old. Luckily, I spent only 7yrs in fostercare with only one family. I suppose there might be some synergies between DMC, Antwone, and my story (besides DMC's love of hip-hop and Antwone's navy adventure), as we both decided to expend energy doing a search after the age 30. However, my results weren't as fruitful. It seems the key to success is hiring a private investigator and tracking the process. At this point, I've got too much going on to engage in the emotional duress that I would have to endure. In truth, all I really want are my medical records. Although, I would be delighted to meet my birthparents, as there are so many unanswered questions.

Nonetheless, I did take a good set of notes. Actually, I already have a fair amount of data. I have the benign, non-identifiable information that was provided by foster home in B'klyn where I spent a great deal of time. Unfortunately, the information is pretty generic, and I do question some of the details. It seems they add a bit more meat every ten years. Heck by the time I'm sixty, I'll have all the information I need. The most interesting piece of information was the baptismal papers. For whatever reason, the foster home initially withheld that information. I got that breakthrough last year, as part of additional meat that I referred to earlier. Turns out that I was baptized at a church in Bed-Stuy. I'm certain that I passed this church at least 100 times while I used to visit a friends who lived in the neighborhood.

This small detail allowed me to get the names of people who witnessed my baptism (godparents??) and the names of my birthparents. I was also able to get the address of the house that my birthparents lived in during my infancy. Yes, I visited the house and knocked and rang the bell but nobody answered. Had they answered I'm not sure what I would've requested of them. I've hit a wall since then. When I return home again, I'll start anew, as DMC's story has provided me with a couple of additional angles. One thing that is certain, it does take much courage to look into the abyss of the unknown, often times you will not like what you discover.

The great aspect of my story is that my pops has always supported me in my search for the _first_ chapter. I know he'd be happy for me, regardless of the outcome.

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