IE 7.0 - Who cares?

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I am always astonished at the build up that begets M$ products. Clearly, you'd have to attribute this to its marketing/propaganda machine.

Let's look at a few facts, shall we? Most of us already know that an epic court case and numerous subpeonas, forced the Redmond woolly mammoth to unlink and remove the IE browser from the core of its OS. It is also pretty clear that there has not been very much development on said browser in probably five years. It wasn't until the Mozilla project put the heat on them that they scrambled to get that aging browser a much needed face lift. Gotta give Netscape respect for having the gumption to open the source code to their browser some 10 yrs ago. Lots of goodness happened in the aftermath of their decision.

The article below talks about 'all' of the wonderful features of this new browser.. Tabbed interface, RSS aware, etc. Gosh, last time I checked, Firefox had all those features since release 1.x.
I'm not even going to call this a browser war, as it's really not even close. If consumers were given a choice, I don't think IE would even stand a chance. The consumers who use IE, do so for a couple of reasons: (1) Corporate environment that enforces M$ edict, (2) Unaware that they actually do have a choice. I'll probably add a Get Firefox chicklet on my site as an expression of defiance and solidarity.

Wow, doesn't it remind you of the Win95 euphoria? We all remember how that ended too. The joke was Win95 = Mac 83.

Browsers take the stage, thanks to the IE 7 beta and a Firefox security update

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