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It seems that many martial arts schools are suffering a downturn. Not sure if its due to the economy or simply a lack of interest. Some instructors have suggested that they will be forced to use contracts in order to guarantee a consistent number of students. IMHO, contracts are not the answer. If a person is not passionate the arts, you will not be able to retain that student after the contract term has expired. At the end of the day your program will still suffer despite the monies collected by contracts. Schools need new students to continue the learning and teaching. It really is not much fun having a very senior class make-up. I happen to be the most junior student in our dojang. While I love and appreciate the senior instruction, it can be difficult to hone your teaching skills with senior members.

Yet another possible explaination to the dwindling interest in the martial arts training is the dearth of quality mainstream martial arts films. An instructor once told me that Bruce Lee was great for business. Flicks like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon were also cult favorites and helped peak the interests of potential students.

Clearly, I do not have all of the answers, but I am certain that retention is likely to be a problem in most schools.

On a more positive note, I worked out while I was home on vacation. Once again I visited, Pure Energy, and worked out with Ms Gordon's students. Dunno, what it is about jumping rope, but it definitely makes me look awkward. Nonetheless, I enjoyed working out both days. I even got to practice some of the kicking drills that are typically done with a hogoo. I can appreciate the skill of her students, as even the most junior gup member seemed quite comfortable with all of the drills.

While I am very much devoted to my Tang Soo Do training, it really is fun working out with students of other systems. I'll be back to my familiar training hall next week.

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