Death of Black Entertainment Television

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Actually, BET died roughly ten years ago. I'm not attempting to rehash visions of Boondocks, but I am sure that most would agree the value content of that network is scarce at best. While I'm not much of a TV enthusiast, with the exception of Nature, ESPN, History, Discover, and PBS, I would rather watch NERD-TV. However, on the rare occasion that I decide to diverge from the usual lineup. I have discovered that newcomer TV-One is quickly absorbing market share and its doing it with circa 1990 BET broadcasting. That is insightful personalities (ie G.Garvin aka Kitchen LL), Sharp Talk ,Throwback Theatre, and something for the women (aka Patti Labelle).

TV-One has owned women on its management team, which is a perfect sedgway into my next statement.

I would argue that BET lost its female audience many years ago. No, T&A music videos are not for females ;) Well at least not _most_ of em. Trust me on that one.
Probably not a wise move since women watch the majority of tel-lie-vision. So, I suppose the obvious question is "How long will TV-One have sensible broadcasting?" Your guess is as good as mine. The change will probably occur when they have the majority share or when they get swallowed by Viacom.
It is also likely that their broadcasting would change if they decide to challenge BET for the 15-21 age group. We can only hope that their growth is sustainable with their current line-up.

If you're wise, you'll get a PVR and take advantage of the novelty. It definitely won't last forever.

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