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Traffic light manipulation

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It's unlikely that anyone would want to do this sort of stuff. However, wouldn't it be fun if you could do this and get away with it?

Run Silent, Run Deep: Cheap MIRTS Afoot - Gizmodo

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

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Another interesting DIY piece of technology. I imagine that the price point for this project is certainly reasonable.

The Mobile Wi-fi Access Point: Do-it-yourself cheap, easy Internet everywhere

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Movie tickets on demand

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Pretty interesting method of avoiding long lines at your favorite premier. I've often been frustrated with the broken automated ticket counters too.

The sad truth is that most theatres do not employ bar code readers to check each ticket holders. Most of them still take paper tickets for entry.

Forget Movie Tickets, Just Use Your Cellphone - Gizmodo

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North American Auto Show Musings

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Spent the better part of last Saturday at the autoshow. Actually, it had been several years since I'd paid any attention to the show. IMHO, there really have not been very many innovative and exciting technical advances in the auto industry in recent years. Besides, I wasn't afforded any tickets to attend the show in recent years. Typically, vendors drop me a few tickets for these and other noteworthy events. One of my buddies encouraged me to go, so I dropped $12.00 US, and checked it out.

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Bitten by the DRM bug

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In an interesting turn of events.. Actually, it begs the question, is DRM good at any level? Supposedly, new previews of this sort lend themselves to easy piracy. Nonetheless, I am sure Spielberg was mortified.

Guardian Unlimited Film | News | Spielberg loses out at the push of a button

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Maturation process

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Perhaps an overused phrase is the 'maturation process' of an athlete. In the NFL, we often hear this term applied to young quarterbacks. I witnessed a very painful exhibition, as the Giants were defeated 23-0 by the underdog Panthers. The Giants had never been shut out at home in a Playoff game. In fact, the last time they had home playoff game, they crushed the Vikes, 41-0. The G-Men typically dominate teams in the Meadowlands during the postseason, but not on this day.

While I'm pleased about what the G-Men accomplished this season, I wasn't very happy with the coaching schemes or the leadership of Eli Manning. Yes, I know it was just his sophomore campaign, but it would've been great for him to have stepped up his game much like Steelers QB Roethlisberger in his 2nd year. I suppose that is too much to ask, even for a Manning.

links for 2006-01-10

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Actually, BET died roughly ten years ago. I'm not attempting to rehash visions of Boondocks, but I am sure that most would agree the value content of that network is scarce at best. While I'm not much of a TV enthusiast, with the exception of Nature, ESPN, History, Discover, and PBS, I would rather watch NERD-TV. However, on the rare occasion that I decide to diverge from the usual lineup. I have discovered that newcomer TV-One is quickly absorbing market share and its doing it with circa 1990 BET broadcasting. That is insightful personalities (ie G.Garvin aka Kitchen LL), Sharp Talk ,Throwback Theatre, and something for the women (aka Patti Labelle).

TV-One has owned women on its management team, which is a perfect sedgway into my next statement.

I would argue that BET lost its female audience many years ago. No, T&A music videos are not for females ;) Well at least not _most_ of em. Trust me on that one.
Probably not a wise move since women watch the majority of tel-lie-vision. So, I suppose the obvious question is "How long will TV-One have sensible broadcasting?" Your guess is as good as mine. The change will probably occur when they have the majority share or when they get swallowed by Viacom.
It is also likely that their broadcasting would change if they decide to challenge BET for the 15-21 age group. We can only hope that their growth is sustainable with their current line-up.

If you're wise, you'll get a PVR and take advantage of the novelty. It definitely won't last forever.

Spycam for the doggie

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Now this is why I love technology. Very good use of bandwidth and cheap image capturing device.

Mark K. Sullivan’s Blog » Blog Archive » Sneaky dog

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Social Bookmarking

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Recently discovered the world of del.icio.us, an effort to improve discovery of relevant links using Tags. I'll attempt to make an analogy to better explain the concept. For those of you who are familiar with graffiti or graff writing, the term 'tagging' (aka bombing) was an artistic expression of the artist. What they were thinking at the time or what moved them. They used spray paint or alcohol and carbon paper to express their views artisticly. So, if you 'tagged' the 5 train while in the railyards and it rolled from Dyre Ave (Bronx) to Franklin Ave (Brooklyn), you've instantly spread your story in three boroughs.

links for 2006-01-06

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Tang Soo Do Training update

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It seems that many martial arts schools are suffering a downturn. Not sure if its due to the economy or simply a lack of interest. Some instructors have suggested that they will be forced to use contracts in order to guarantee a consistent number of students. IMHO, contracts are not the answer. If a person is not passionate the arts, you will not be able to retain that student after the contract term has expired. At the end of the day your program will still suffer despite the monies collected by contracts. Schools need new students to continue the learning and teaching. It really is not much fun having a very senior class make-up. I happen to be the most junior student in our dojang. While I love and appreciate the senior instruction, it can be difficult to hone your teaching skills with senior members.

Latest craze in pop-culture

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Not sure if I really care too much about this one, but I understand thousands of kids are getting connected to this third-tier social network. As I discussed in an earlier posts, schools are beginning to ban these sites and are aggressively disciplining school children who use these sites.

I suppose the threat of pedafiles will always be a concern regardless what sites youngsters choose to use. My biggest gripe about myspace is the crappy pages that most people make with them. I gather this is because most of the authors have never built a website before and these sites present a minimal barrier to entry.

The MySpace Generation

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