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As promised, I will share my latest movie review. I actually saw this one on DVD :)
I simply love martial arts films, especially those that are filmed overseas. Tony Jaa is a Muay Thai practitioner. While I don't profess to know much Muay-Thai, I was very impressed with the skill of this guy. Granted some of his knee strikes could have been exaggerated, I'm clear that he could inflict much damage.

Unfortunately, the art of kickboxing has been watered down to aerobic kickboxing, that has become very popular with women. It was refreshing to see the ancient art of Muay Thai demonstrated in this film.

I especially appreciated the high kicking techniques and strong counter attacks. In truth, the plot left much to be desired, but how many martial arts films actually have a well-defined plot? For that matter, how many people actually watch these flicks with the expectation of a stellar plot.

Anyway, there is much action in this film. Tony Jaa plays a peasant duped into prize fighting by a family member. All he really wanted was the much revered Buddah that was stolen from his village by thugs.

Not sure if this film was produced on location in Hong Kong, but I suspect that there were many film extras who took a physical beating in this film. I really hope it was worth the pain.

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