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Monday I went to Giants Stadium and witnessed the last Monday Night Football affair on ABC.
The pathetic and injury riddled Jets suffered yet another defeat at the hands of the Pats. I like Herm Edwards, but he's certainly had the buzzards luck of late.

Anyway, the amazing build-up of the _last_ NFL Monday night ABC game was quite remarkable. What I found most interesting was the fact that local broadcasting of sporting events will be a thing of the past in most if not all major markets. I suppose if you live in obscure places like Provo, UT or French Lick, IN you could possible catch your local sports team on a local network affiliate.

What I also find interesting is that nobody seems to really care about these change of events. In fact, this phenomenom has been ongoing in the past ten years. I remember when you could watch Yankees and Mets games on WPIX and WWOR respectively. Stuff like Kiner's Corner (only old headz will remember that one). Hell, as time progressed and we moved into the information age, radio stations began to air these games of the net. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season. That is because MLB claimed that it was 'their' intellectual property and wanted consumers to pay a tribute. So it now illeagal for anyone to broadcast major league baseball games over the net without the expressed permission from MLB.

I suppose for the moment, you can still watch your local football teams on the appropriate local network affiliate (ie NBC or CBS). How long will this last? Your guess is as good as mine.

So what is a consumer or prosumer to do about these changes? Well, you could simply say to hell w/it all and do nothing. Another option is to use technology as a very effective means of defense. Since you absolutely _must_ have cable to watch sports, you'll probably want to begin using a PVR (ie MythTV or TIVO) to record the shows you want to watch. Now that the network gestapos have taken your freedom, they are pushing advertising at every opportunity. So protect yourself and cut out all the crap.

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