The Constant Gardener

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Now that the Trebuchet competition is over, I can focus on Finance and accounting course. Essentially, the semester has ended. I took an opportunity and peeped another film. The Constant Gardeneris based upon the John Le Carre novel, which depicts corruption on behalf of large Swiss pharmaceutical firm. The company decided to use Sudanese people as guinea pigs, as they 'alpha' tested AIDS drugs. I was quite saddened, but not surprised that this was not a fictional account, the pharmaceutical industry braced for the release of this film. Essentially, it lifted the skirt of the whole dirty secret of human experiments of so-called expendable people. Very despicable to say the least. Certainly brings back to memory the infamous Tuskeegee Experiment. How much is the life of an African/African American really worth?

Not really sure how the film arrived at its name. I tried very hard to find clues to its title. None were readily obvious. There was a great deal of clandestine activity on behalf of the British government, and you really had to pay close attention to understand who the bad guys were in this tale. The actors were very capable and quite plausible. Perhaps the only issue that I have with such flicks is that there is always the 'white man' God complex. In that, the folks of color never seem empowered or just totally helpless. Thus, the well-equipped European rides in to attempt to save the day or snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
I never really cared for these types of flicks. The answer to why this occurs is obvious. No African wrote or financed the film. So, you only get one perspective. Were there any African insurgents? Who cooperated with the Europeans in the first place?

Despite its faults, I'd still recommend that you peep the flick. The knowledge gained will be astonishing.

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