Kingdom of Heaven

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I've been slow to post entries due to increasing courseload. Rest assured I've been very productive.
Please take a moment to review my latest flick review. I grabbed a torrent and bag of popcorn and took a much needed break from some classwork.

Kingdom of Heaven takes place during the Holy Crusades(roughly 1100AD), the Muslims were attempting to retake Jerusulem from the Christians. The irony is that the Christians had butchered the Muslims, and stole this land from Muslims in earlier crusades, but now the will of the Pope and strength of the Roman Empire was on the side of the Christians.

The corruption of the Pope was exposed earlier in the film, and justice was typically found at the end of a knight's sword. Many life lessons were played out for the benefit of the viewer, and there was the ubiquitous love story to capture your attention in the somewhat lengthy piece.

I was impressed with the fact that Islam wasn't demonized as with most films that describe the Christian experience. The tools of war also, grabbed my attention, as huge trebuchets were chosen to attack the walls of the Roman Empire.

My interests in the trebuchet has peeked in recent weeks, as I have been working on designing and building one for Systems Engineering graduate course. I'll provide a separate post describing my experience building this device.

If you enjoy a movie with a sprinkle of the old english vernacular, you'll really enjoy this flick. There is a some gore, treachery, and honor. I would not give this film the same rating as the movie Gladiator, but it worth a couple hours on a Friday night. It kept my attention, and I gave it 7 outta 10.

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